Virtual Fragments of Addiction

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Studio Allergutendinge designed the Soul Box

A mobile wooden shelter that can be transported anywhere. The minimalist, two-story building features a kitchen and bed on the lower floor, with a viewing platform on the upper one.

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Enzo Bifoli (Italian, 1882-1965), Chapel Design (never built), 1915

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RL Grime - Core

Official Music Video directed by David Rudnick & Daniel Swan


The Legacy of Frackpool | Jason Lamb | Via

Chinese investment prompts the transitory integration of hydraulic fracturing within Blackpool, for the exploitation of shale gas. An unconventional approach towards hydraulic fracturing instigates urban regeneration and provides a framework which cultivates new industries, generates sustainable water systems and induces renewable methods of energy production.

Thirty-five fracking stations are integrated and a sustainable offshore community is constructed to offset effected communities. During fracking the station serves as a platform from which shale gas can be extracted, processed and distributed.

Over an 80 year timespan, the project speculates the transformation of Blackpool from an industrial Petropolis, to a less resource dependent and decentralized sustainable city. Industrial infrastructure once used for hydraulic fracturing is repurposed to process energy crops and grey water from the region. As a method of urban regeneration, the legacy plan aims to enhance socio-economic and well-being opportunities for communities in Blackpool.


Sailor Moon RPG
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hnnnngggggg //sobs happily

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Raymond Lemstra

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Kim Jung-Gi

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