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Palma apartment refurbishment - Palma de Mallorca, Spain - 2012 - Vila Segui Arquitectos

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The refurbishment of the apartment was driven by the need for a gut renovation due to the poor state of the existing condition, which had been abandoned for several years. The renovation had explicit economic restrictions.


Tom’s Treehouse

Tom’s Treehouse is an impressive three-story treehouse that was completed in 2011 and built for free by the talented and generous friends of couple Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez. They used their combined skills of carpentry, roofing, and design to create a beautiful and touching tribute to Surratt’s’ father, who passed away shortly after the couple bought the property.

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humpback whales in their natural habitat before deforestation forced them into the sea

this is actually so cool


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by Ben Sack

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Circuit board business card is a minimalist credit-card-sized handheld console which includes Tetris. Videos embedded below:

A revolution in minimalist circuit board art design.

Barebones Arduino
OLED Screen
Piezo Speaker
Capacitive Input Buttons
9+ Hours Playtime
1.6 millimeters total thickness

You can find out more about the project here

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